Trader Joe’s breached workers’ Rights in a Unionized shop: Says FED

Trader Joe’s may have broken the law at a Minnesota shop where workers unionised last year. According to a new complaint filed with the National Labour Relations Board, management at the grocery chain unlawfully removed union documents from the break room last November and prohibited workers from displaying leaflets about organising. A regional director of … Read more

Sudden Closure of a Starbucks – and Employees Say it was retaliation

After employees at a Starbucks shop in Ithaca, New York, called a strike last April, a communications specialist at the PR firm Edelman sent a “real-time alert” to Starbucks executives. “I point to an article in The Ithacan about the strike at Starbucks at Cornell University,” the specialist wrote. “The partners went on strike over … Read more

The Medieval Times is charged with illegal Trade Union Aggression.

A National Labour Relations Board regional director filed a complaint Tuesday accusing Medieval Times management of an illegal scheme to undermine union support at its castle in Buena Park, California. Overview Last year, workers at the castle launched a union campaign to improve wages and working conditions, collecting signed union cards from show cast members, … Read more