USD softens ahead of CPI data and Japanese YEN also weakens.

US Dollar, USD, US CPI, Japanese Yen, USD/JPY, Hang Seng Index – Discussion Points The US dollar slipped slightly today as all eyes were on the US consumer goods index Several Fed spokespersons expressed different views If US CPI misses estimates, will USD/JPY break out to the upside? The US dollar weakened in Asian trading … Read more

Can the Japanese yen rely on its safe zone appeal in the second quarter – will the USD fight back?

Can the Japanese yen rely on its safe-haven appeal to gain dominance over the US dollar in the second quarter? Recent inflationary pressures in Japan have revived hopes that newly elected Governor Ueda will move away from the current ultra-loose monetary policy. After ten years of loose monetary policy by the BoJ (Bank of Japan) … Read more