The US dollar remains on a high while crude oil floats. Is the USD higher?


US Dollar, DXY Index, USD, OPEC+, WTI, Brent, Crude Oil, Debt Ceiling – Discussion topics The US dollar held on to Friday’s gains and started the week with high government bond yields. OPEC+ cut production, with Saudi Arabia playing a key role in the rise in oil prices. With the debt dilemma out of the … Read more

Crude Oil Rises on Hopes of a Debt Ceiling Deal-Will WTI break out?

Crude Oil, US Dollar, Debt Ceiling, TOPIX, ASX 200, Federal Reserve – Topics Crude oil prices were somewhat supported by the prospect of a solution to the US debt ceiling. The Fed reminded markets that the path of future interest rates is a matter of conjecture. Will WTI rally if sentiment is fueled by the … Read more

Crude oil benefits from US SPR buying and defies weak China data. Higher WTI?

Crude Oil, WTI, Brent, SPR, China, US Dollar, Federal Reserve, TOPIX – Discussion Topics The price of crude oil made a comeback this week with the help of reserve buying. Chinese data continues to disappoint and concerns about the country’s economic health are growing. The US debt ceiling dominates the headlines. How long will the … Read more