Starbucks’ hidden Agenda against the union-workers

The president of the union that organizes Starbucks shops has a message for the coffee chain: come to the bargaining table – and just one table, not hundreds. The Workers United union has been trying to negotiate initial contracts for the more than 300 Starbucks shops that have formed a union since late 2021. But … Read more

Forecast: EUR/USD Recovery Depends on Debt ceiling deal

EUR/USD PRICE, CHARTS AND ANALYSIS: The euro did not have its most productive week as losses continued against the dollar while it fluctuated between losses and gains against the pound. However, the EUR/USD pair remained the most interesting, posting losses against the US dollar for the fourth week in a row. European Central Bank (ECB) … Read more

Beijing publishes white paper on web3 Innovation and Development

Beijing, the capital of China, has reportedly introduced a white paper to promote innovation and further develop the Web3 industry. As part of the Zhongguancun Forum, the “White Paper on Web3 Innovation and Development (2023)” was released by the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, also known as the Zhongguancun Science Park Administrative Commission. According … Read more

Crude Oil Rises on Hopes of a Debt Ceiling Deal-Will WTI break out?

Crude Oil, US Dollar, Debt Ceiling, TOPIX, ASX 200, Federal Reserve – Topics Crude oil prices were somewhat supported by the prospect of a solution to the US debt ceiling. The Fed reminded markets that the path of future interest rates is a matter of conjecture. Will WTI rally if sentiment is fueled by the … Read more

Sudden Closure of a Starbucks – and Employees Say it was retaliation

After employees at a Starbucks shop in Ithaca, New York, called a strike last April, a communications specialist at the PR firm Edelman sent a “real-time alert” to Starbucks executives. “I point to an article in The Ithacan about the strike at Starbucks at Cornell University,” the specialist wrote. “The partners went on strike over … Read more

American Airlines Pilots Vote to Strike

American Airlines pilots have voted overwhelmingly to strike as they try to reach a new contract before the summer travel season. The likelihood of a work stoppage is slim, however, because airline workers must clear several hurdles before they can legally walk off the job. Flight Captain Ed Sicher, president of the Allied Pilots Association, … Read more

The Medieval Times is charged with illegal Trade Union Aggression.

A National Labour Relations Board regional director filed a complaint Tuesday accusing Medieval Times management of an illegal scheme to undermine union support at its castle in Buena Park, California. Overview Last year, workers at the castle launched a union campaign to improve wages and working conditions, collecting signed union cards from show cast members, … Read more

Disney Called Off $1 billion expansion in Florida

Disney has called off a $1 billion plan to expand its Orlando, Florida, operations amid its escalating war with Governor Ron DeSantis. Disney CEO Bob Iger announced the move to the media on Thursday. Last week, during a conference call with analysts, the group’s chief executive had wondered if the state wanted us to invest … Read more

United States is running out of Machines needed to avoid power shortages.

When COVID-19 shook the global economy in 2020, Ford stopped assembly lines at car plants from Michigan to Mexico. The old textile mill in the central Pennsylvania town of Sunbury, which had survived the last major wave of textile mill closures in the US, closed for good. The Texas oil fields, which had made the … Read more

Silver Tech update: Silver sell-off approaches support confluence zone

Technical analysis of silver The long-term uptrend is still intact, although selling increased last week. 23.20 is proving to be an important confluence of supports, with the RSI approaching oversold territory. The analysis in this article uses chart patterns and key support and resistance levels. For more information, see our comprehensive educational library. The long-term … Read more